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M3 Radio is an independent Internet broadcast dedicated to playing “New independent music all the time 24/7, 365….”

The M3 Radio mission is to give the independent musician a broadcast forum where if their music is good, it will receive airplay regardless of whether they’re signed to a major label or not. It’s not about someone telling us to play the music, we play it because it’s good or else we just won’t play it!

We report our weekly airplay charts to CMJ for publication. Beside the Radio200 Top30 chart, we also report specialty formats such as Hip-Hop, Loud Rock, RPM, New World and Jazz. Feel free to mail your CD(s) to the address bellow. Please do not send tapes, vinyls, mp3s or “demos”. We only accept CDs (finished products), no more than one year old.

Our Address:

M3 Radio
Attn: James Lane, Music Director
269 12th Street, Suite 1
Brooklyn, NY 11215-3919


(If you’d like to send an autographed photo we’ll even put it up on our website.)

Our email is:

Our page on MySpace:



4 Responses to Submission Info

  1. Nellierose says:

    Hear my music at My new single “Follow Me”. Also Hear my partner Eagle, new single “Good Girl”. Follow me @Nellierose27.

  2. Hi to you all, Please play my song “Stars in the Sky” the song I wrote in support of World Peace for
    you can download it free at
    It is so important for our world for us all to support Peace now more than ever…. Thank you

  3. King Suave' says:

    Whats going on Family,
    Take a listen to my new single “Smoke Something” doing numbers across the pacific region. The single or entire Mixtape can be downloaded free on

    This single is a mood setter..
    Thank you for the opportunity

  4. To ownership and staff at M3 Radio

    Thanks for including The BOKS of ROCK on your April 2013 New Releases list.

    It’s nice to know we’re not alone.

    Peace and Love,

    Steve K

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